What is the difference between batteries?

What is the difference between a standard battery and a variable voltage battery?

When starting out with a beginner’s kit to quit smoking, the user may become dissatisfied with the quality because they are no longer someone trying to quit smoking. They are a vaper who wants the best quality electronic cigarette they can get their hands on to have an amazing electronic cigarette experience.  A way to step it up is to trade in the standard eGo battery for a variable voltage battery!

A standard eGo battery typically only produces a 3.7 Volt output leaving much to be desired as far as vapor production goes. A variable voltage battery allows you to adjust the voltage of your battery to deliver a customized heat to your clearomizer giving you the perfect amount of vapor to suit your needs.

What is the difference between Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage?

Variable Voltage is the key player. It is the setting that actually sends heat directly to your coil. Advanced users sometimes prefer variable voltage because they specifically choose the level of heat based off of whatever ohm build they are using. When you are using voltage settings you are the one in control. Wattage on the other hand adjusts your voltage for you depending on your coils needs.

What is the difference between single coil and dual coil clearomizers?

What is the difference between single coil and dual coil clearomizers?

All clearomizers, whether they are rebuildable or disposable, contain a coil at its core that is designed to heat up your liquid and transform it into the vapor we love to indulge in. Single coil clearomizers are classified as single, not because it is a Mathlete who wears his underwear in the shower after gym class, but because these particular clearomizers contain a coil with only a single wire wrapped around the cotton to generate heat and create vapor.

However, dual coil clearomizers contain a coil with TWO wires wrapped around the cotton inside the coil. This allows the coil to withstand a greater amount of heat; making it a perfect match for variable voltage batteries providing you with a greater amount of vapor to enjoy!


The Beast mechanical mod E cigarette

As an avid E cigarette user, I find that I went from using it as an alternative from real cigarettes to it becoming more of a hobby of sorts. I have so many different types already, that I could probably open up my own little mall kiosk (granted they might look a little beat up).

From standard ego batteries too designer/artsy styled e cigarettes, to giant box mods with variable voltage and variable wattage features, I had it all… or so I thought.

There comes a point in time when after using the same models over and over again, you feel like you just need something fancy to spice up your e-cigarette collection.

The Beast

So the start of what would be considered as a tale of my epic journey in search of an e-cigarette piece that would complete my reservoir began.

I traveled across the land in hopes of completing my quest. From e-cigarette store too e-cigarette store I wandered into. Each store was a disappointment, with sales men offering me boring and mundane looking batteries, and models that were almost exact copies of what I already had. Sorry my good sir “Been there, done that!”

Then finally, when all hope was almost lost and I thought I would have to resort to desperate measures (ordering offline directly from China), I ran across a store in Hollywood, Florida. As soon as I stepped through the front door and past their welcome mat… I could see a wide variety of different e cigarettes showcased along the widths of their walls.

My retinas took their time and looked at all they had to offer from case to case, seeing if they had anything that inspired me.

I accidently ignored the employee that came out to greet me, as my eyes were focused on scanning the display from side to side…up and down… and then back up again… that’s when something caught my peripheral!! There, in the mod section, was a beautiful mechanical mod that was engraved with such pin point detail… it brought a tear to my eye.

After a couple of mortifying seconds of just staring at it, I finally noticed the employee awkwardly waiting for me to come out of my trance.

I asked her what this perfect specimen was, and she began to explain to me how it was their brand of a flip mechanical mod. She brought one out of the back to let me see a closer view. On the outside of the casing was an engraved family like crest with an eagle head in the center. Squiggly lines and other decorative shapes surrounded the rest of its body. (Is it possible to fall in love with an inanimate objects’ beauty?)

I played around with the device, and realized that it had several tubing pieces that I could turn this way and that to customize its size. Realizing that I could use all the battery sizes in my arsenal (18650, 18350, and even my uniquely sized 18500s) I was completely sold!

She sold it to me at a really great price considering the craftsmanship and its adaptability in size. So far it was a great find for what the store labeled “The Beast”.  As I sat in my car and tinkered with it, I got excited because it occurred to me that I finally found something that could hold its own aesthetically wise to my Vase clearomizer.

I popped my 18650 2500mAh eFest battery in, screwed on my ego to 510 adapter and topped The Beast off with my pink Vase, and Viola! A star was born!

It’s been 6 months since I found this Gem, and I have been as pleased as pudding. Its super sturdy stainless steel body has kept up with my high pace (aka clumsy) life style. And with the ability to interchange batteries I have a constant full battery life at my disposal.

Plus I have a new addition to my now perfect e-cigarette collection 😉

Ego Twist 1300mAh – a Variety of Options for the E-Smoker

Ego Twist 1300mAh

The Ego Twist 1300mAh e-cigarette has two different parts.  The 1300mAh in the name refers to the battery.  It is a measurement that tells you how long the battery will hold a charge.  The Ego Twist 1300mAh e-cigarette kit has a clearomizer part that holds the liquid nicotine.  The two do not have to be bought together. The e-cigarette comes in several forms and varieties.

ego twist 1300mah

The Kanger Protank has a glass tank which holds the liquid nicotine. It is recommended that you keep the tank full of liquid nicotine.  Never let it get below one-third full.

The Smoke Tech 1300mAh Ego C Twist Kit has a pyrex tank atomizer.  The atomizer is the part that turns the liquid nicotine into vapor.  The Ego C Twist Kit comes in lots of colors. Some kits come with several colors in one kit.  The kit also contains the atomizer. It has a clear tube.

The CE5 Blister can give you 700 puffs.  It charges in 2 hours and can be charged 300 times. The CE clearomizer also comes in CE2, CE3, and CE4.  Each holds a different puff capacity. The latest CE V8 blister pack has ten sets in each blister pack.

The 1300mAh Ego Twist Protank II Kit has the strongest atomizer on the market.  This E-cigarette will allow you to make large clouds of vapor.  If you liked blowing large clouds of smoke in the air, this kit is for you.

The ESCO Ego 1300mAh Xpower Electronic Cigarette Kit will give you 150-180 puffs from a single cartridge.  A fully charged battery can hold as much as 2500 puffs.  This kit contains two atomizers, two rechargeable 1300 mAh ego batteries, ten refill cartridges, one wall charger, one USB charger and one user’s manual.

The 1300mAh adjustable voltage e-Cigarette with Ego Twist 1300mAh Battery and CE 5 has a dual coil clearomizer instead of a cotton wick. A clearomizer is a clear cartomizer.  A cartomizer is a combination of cartridge and atomizer.  The clearomizer is made of thin clear plastic.  It must be handled carefully.

As with all the Ego Twist 1300mAh batteries, you can choose how many volts to use from the battery.  With the twist of the dial, you can choose from 3.3v to 4.8v.  This allows you to receive as much vapor as you need without over doing it.  The battery is turned on and off by clicking it 5 times.  There are three ways the battery is protected.  It will turn itself off if there is a short circuit or low voltage. You can turn it off to protect the atomizer.

If you are looking for an Ego Twist 1300mAh e-cigarette with lots of options and a good battery to enhance your experience, you might want to think about the eGo Twist 1300 mAh. There are lots of options with the E-cigarette. The battery is built to handle every one of them.  It is tough and gives you the option of choosing how many volts you receive while you are vaping.



eGo Twist Starter Kit – Everything You Need to Get Started

Ego Twist Starter Kit

The Ego Twist Starter Kit comes in several models.  Each has its positives and negatives.  You will find fans of each model.  Some fans are flexible while others are adamant about their model.

The Ego-C Twist Vape Pen Starter Kit is a complete kit. It comes with the longest lasting battery on the market.  This battery lasts three times longer than other batteries. It can be recharged 300 times.  The eGo Twist Starter kit has its own carrying case and can be taken anywhere. The screw thread on the pen allows it to be used with the 510, eGo, eGo-T eGo-W and the eGo-C battery. If you like one of these batteries better, they are interchangeable. With the 900 mAh battery you get about 900 puffs. This model is considered a very smart buy.

The Ego-C Twist/Vivi Nova Tank Ultimate Starter Kit offers a choice of mAh, tank size and color selection.  It does not come with a carrying case.  However, one is available at a reasonable price. Because of the options, it is considered a custom starter kit. When ordering this kit, be sure to weigh your options carefully so that you get what you want.

The Ego-C Twist Starter Kit is considered an entry level kit.  If you are just getting started with e-cigarettes, this might be a good place to start. It comes with a few color choices.  It has a wide range of nicotine levels to choose from. There are lots of flavor options to order.

The Ego-C Twist Starter Kit is  called the Joytech Ego.  It has a bigger and more comfortable design.  The kit comes with a 650mAh battery which will allow you to enjoy the vapor experience.

The Ego Twist Starter Kits cost between $50 and $150.  They vary in what they offer with the kit. They come with different sizes of tanks.   The battery power is anywhere between 650-1300mAh.   The puffs offered per cartridge are from 600-900.

All these things should be taken into consideration when choosing an eGo Twist starter kit.  You want to enjoy the experience but be wise with what you spend. Spending too much and then not being pleased is not going to make anyone want to quit smoking. Neither is buying cheap and not liking the taste. It pays to do some research before purchasing a starter kit.  That means online and in person.  Ask your friends what they use and why they chose that model.

While there may be cheaper options than the eGo Twist Starter kit, the advantage of a starter kit is that they have everything in them when you get it.  If you don’t know what you need, a starter kit would be helpful and instructive.  If you are serious about quitting smoking, consider a starter kit.  They are cheaper than a carton of cigarettes.  If you purchase one and don’t like it, you can pass it on to someone else. Whatever you decide, know what you are buying and what it will do for you.


The Ego Twist Starter Kit varies in nicotine strength, battery power, vape capacity, and price.  Some offer more flavors than others.  The choices are meant to please any pallet.

Electronic Cigarette Store – a Definite Savings Place

Electronic Cigarette Store 

-If you are a smoker, your health can be mended by switching to e-cigs found in an electronic cigarette store.

-The price of smoking e-cigs is up to about 1/2 the price of smoking regular cigarettes.

-E-cigs bought at an electronic cigarette store are much less harmful to your health.

-Despite the smoking ban, e-cigs can be enjoyed in most of places.

-There is no odor.

-No bad taste in your mouth.

-There is no risk of lung cancer and cancer in other organs that is usually linked to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

-The e-cigs bought at an e-cig store contain no pollutants unlike a tobacco cigarette, which contains many.

-There is no danger to people around you.

-No dust or ashes.

-No need for a lighter.

-No risk of fire caused by cigarette butts.

-E-cigs bought at an electronic cigarette store is not a tobacco product unless the e-liquid contains nicotine.

-The pleasure of smoking is similar, but not with nearly as many of the harmful side effects.

-Prices of classic cigarettes will likely increase due to so many taxes.

-Prices of e-cigs bought at an e-cig store will likely send its competition out of business.

-You can choose between different flavors and strengths of e-liquid.

What are the negative aspects of E-cigs?

-If you use e-liquid with nicotine, it is addictive and banned for minors.

-Compared to a tobacco cigarette, its use is harder.  Mainly at first, until you learn how to use it correctly.  Read the instructions for use when you decide to purchase your first e-cig from an electronic cigarette store.

What are the main principles of using e-cigs?

-E-cigs can completely replace your classic cigarettes.

-E-cigs can also be used in combination with regular cigarettes, for example, in order to use them only in places where smoking tobacco products are banned.

-You can try e-cigs to help you quit smoking, while using any e-cig which can be obtained at an electronic cigarette store. From there it takes just a few months to reduce the strength of nicotine in the cartridges or e-liquid.  You can choose to start with the highest strength, and then taper off to medium and low.   Finally after some time, try using an e-liquid without nicotine.

-Please note that the e-cig is specifically designed as an option to smoking rather than a tool to quit smoking. If you decide to quit smoking, it should be a lot easier by smoking e-cigs which can be obtained through an electronic cigarette store rather than quitting from standard issue cigarettes.

-If you can not or do not want to quit smoking, e-cigs will provide you with the chance to smoke healthier at least. Your body and the people around you will be grateful for it. E-cigs bought at electronic cigarette store are most likely the future of smoking.

Soft Tip E Cigarette – What is the soft tip e cig?

Soft tip e cigarette, what is it?

The soft tip e cigarette is as easy and to the point as it gets. In a world of twist tanks, eGo styles, variable volt mods and a lot more, the soft tip e-cigarette provides ready to use cool style e-cigs for affordable prices.

Why should I get them?

For many people the soft tip e cig is an investment, and can sometimes be a costly one at that. One thing that we should really admire about the soft tip e cigarette is that it makes super good tasting vapor, these very easy to use kits,  are affordable on almost any budget. It is hard to imagine an easier e-cig to begin with.  Most kits come with many cool features.

General characteristics:

The newest soft tip e cig is a comfortable and soft tip disposable. These soft tips are designed to feel and act much like a much-desired regular cigarette. If you have not been living on planet Mars, it is certain that you have heard of the very popular soft tip e-cig. To be quite blunt, soft tip e-cigs blow most cigs out of the water on every level. If you have ever tried the soft tip e-cigs or are thinking about picking up a disposable one, read on for information that is more relevant.

How much does it actually cost?

Granted, the pricing on soft tip e-cigs is much better when compared to standard cigarettes. The pure feel and weight of these soft tip e-cigs is very close to an actual cigarette and a lot easier to vape whilst working with your hands because you can easily manage the soft tip e cigarette in your mouth. As you take a hit the LED light sparkles blue indicating that you are about to taste some good vapor. One of the best things about these soft tip e-cigs is the vapor production itself. It easily rivals a much bigger e-cig.

Negative sides:

With every plus, there is usually a minus, and these soft-tips do have a negative. The first one is that the soft tip e cigarette is equal to about 30 standard cigs. This however is not true on any level. Most soft tip e-cigs were tested only to be found that the average life span is about 2-3 hours long. This translates to about 30 hits, which is a far cry from those 30 cigarettes. However, soft tip e-cigs still have the edge compared to standard issued cigarettes.

Positive sides:

The soft tip e cigarette will provide an amazing experience with far more benefits than drawbacks when compared to usual cigarettes. Health issues that are related to smoking normal cigarettes to name a few. While soft tip e-cigs perhaps do not have a great life expectancy, they are  disposables and they are much longer lasting than the average tobacco cigarette.


While it might not be interesting for those already hooked to standard items, soft tip e-cigs certainly, offer some unique ride through the lane of pleasure and pure essence of premiere experience.

eGo Passthrough Battery contains a variable voltage mode

Ego passthrough battery

  • VV Mode

The eGo Passthrough Battery voltage can be switched from 3V up to 6V in 0.1 V increases by pressing the “+” and “-” buttons. Once you get to the higher or even lower ends of the voltage, it just cycles around either way.

  • VW Mode

The eGo Passthrough Battery wattage can be changed from 3W up to 15W in 0.5 W increase by pressing “+” and “-” buttons. Once you reach the wattage range of its higher and a lower end, it cycles around either way.

  • Switch the Mode

Holding the “+” button at the same time for 5 seconds , the EGO-VV3 will at once switch VV to VW or even VW to VV.  The eGo passthrough battery has both “V” or “W” symbols usually on the right side of the display when you press the switch .

  • Lock the chosen Voltage or Wattage

You can lock the setting on the eGo passthrough by holding the “+” and “-” buttons at the same time for 3 seconds to set the voltage or wattage.  Make sure you lock it so no changes are ever being made. Repeat the process to set in motion the button symbol, which is shown on the display at the time they are locked and fades when unlocked.

  • 14 second safety cutoff

lf the button is being held down for 14 seconds or even longer, the Ego-VV3 will shut down and become locked.  It will stay that way until the button itself is released and unlocked by 5 clicks of its button. This will protect you and your device from times where it is in your purse or perhaps a pocket and something by chance happens to turn it on. This is a key safety feature that the eGo passthrough battery  has so it will protect you and prevent the Ego-VV3 parts from being overloaded.

  • USB Passthrough

The USB passthrough battery allows you to use the battery and vape even if it is charging.

  • How to charge

The Ego-VV3 eGo passthrough battery needs to be recharged when the display flashes quickly which will cause the e-cig to not produce vapor. You need to use the cable, which is included, and connect it with the battery and the power USB port on your computer, USB home charger, or USB car charger. The battery has a special display that will cycle every time while charging. When its display stops moving and stays at full, the charging is complete.

Normal charging time should be around 2.5 to 3 hours for Ego-VV3 regular, and 3 to 4 hours for Ego-VV3 Mega.

.Technical specs:


Material: Stainless steel & copper

Size: L114 D14 mm Battery

Power: 650 mAh

Voltage: 3-6 V

Wattage: 3-15 W Max

Current Output: 2, 5 Amps

Input: DC 5V 500mA


Material: Stainless steel & copper

Size: L1129 D17 mm Battery

Power: 1300 mAh

Voltage: 3-6 V

Wattage: 3-15 W Max

Current Output: 2, 5 Amps

Input: DC 5V 500mA

  • OHM Meter

The digit screen will always load OHM for 2 seconds if there is any connection load in the battery.  lf a short-circuit is detected(or its resistance is less than 1.20), it will usually show “LOR” and the battery will not work even if you decide to press the button stating “power”. You will also have an option to hold the button at the same time for 5 seconds in order to show the load OHM.

Disposable Electronic Cigarette – A great alternative to smoking

Disposable electronic cigarette

A disposable electronic cigarette is a new product.  It allows smokers the most painless way possible to get rid of the harmful tobacco products.  Smoking an e-cig is much healthier than smoking regular cigarettes.

The e-cig can be smoked in places where a ban exists on smoking products. Smoking e-cigs is allowed because they are not a tobacco product.   They do not cause second-hand smoking issues.

Smoking e-cigs has been shown as being better for your health, allowed in public places, and can save you money.

Of course, it would be the best to get rid of smoking, but that is not going to happen easily.  E-cigs are the only option that allows you to smoke healthier.  Different brands of disposable electronic cigarettes have become routine for a new age group of smokers.  Smoking these e-cigs is called e-smoking or vaping.

By using the disposable electronic cigarettes, you will not have the need to smoke tobacco cigarettes at all. After only 15-20 days, you will begin to feel changes in your health, sense of smell, and taste. Slowly over time, all symptoms of smoking harmful cigarettes will disappear. If after 2-3 weeks of using an e-cig you try a regular cigarette, its taste and smell will be awful and might make you sick.

What is it all about?

Disposable electronic cigarette looks the same or closely to the regular cig, but it does not contain the harmful products:

1. Tar

2. Carbon monoxide

3. Arsenic

4. Cadmium

5. Lead-210

How does the secret of enjoying the smoke of e-cigs allow you to feel better, look younger, be healthier, have more energy, and a higher immune system? Easy and you will not have any symptoms that are so common when smoking cigarettes. Still, you will get to enjoy smoking.

When you smoke the disposable electronic cigarette, you will inhale a nicotine vapor. The smoke that you breathe out is a vapor.  The vapor is quickly lost in the air and is not harmful either to you or anyone around you.

Smoking an e-cig is done in the same way as smoking standard cigarettes. Inhaling causes heating of fluids in the e-cig and turns it into steam as explained in the image below:

Users of the e-cigs say that smoking e-cigs gives them the same feeling as smoking cigarettes. Some e-cigs have a LED on the end which lights up every time the smoker draws a smoke.  It allows you to have the same experience as smoking a cigarette.

E-cigs are going through a change right now. Every day more and better models are being developed to make sure that the feeling of smoking is as real as possible.

Switching to e-cigs is not harmful to its users, unlike attempts at quitting.  While the first results can be observed after only a few days, the absence of a smoking cough, enhanced senses of smell and taste, and more will continue to heal with time.

Buying Electronic Cigarettes

Buying Electronic Cigarettes

The number of places to buy electronic cigarettes is almost too many to count. Some care needs to be taken when buying electronic cigarettes.  We all like a bargain. We want the best  at the lowest price possible. In today’s world one needs to be wary of deals that are too good.  If it’s too good to be true??

Quality of Electronic Cigarettes
The e cig has as many as three working parts. Each of these pieces will affect the joy you receive with your e cig. If one of these is not good,  your e cigs will not be very good.  They all need to be high quality.
Stores carry electronic cigarette products, however, not very many.  Learn what your local stores carry.  Then you know where to go when buying electronic cigarettes.  You will not waste time looking.

Buying Electronic Cigarettes
The electronic cigarette is not the place to cut your budget. If you see a guy on the street selling electronic cigarette products, wish him good day and keep walking. There is a good chance he is selling something you don’t want.  It might be made in a dirty, dark room. It might just look like your e cigarette.  Know your salesman when buying electronic cigarettes. You also need to know what the salesman will do if there is a problem.  This is an area that is from replacing-everything-no-questions-asked, to you-bought-it-don’t-call-me. Eventually you will buy a battery or an atomizer that doesn’t work. You need someone to stand behind you.  He needs to stand behind his product.
Online sites are great. As with any website, some of them are better than others. The official pages of specific brands seem to be better. The pages where you can buy different brands just alright. Once you have chosen your favorite, you could go to the official website. There you can order what you want.

Plan Ahead
Be aware of shipping times from these sites. Order enough to keep you supplied for a while. Know how much supply you have on hand. Remember how long it will take for your next order to come in.  Maybe one of the sites will start automatic refill for regular customers. Then you can receive your electronic cigarette supplies on a regular basis. Running out of your favorite electronic cigarette or e liquid won’t be a problem.
Find out if there is a specialty shop in your area that carries electronic cigarette supplies. That shop might order for you and get it shipped faster. Consider buying electronic cigarettes and supplies in bulk for yourself and friends. The shipping rate might be better and everyone will have what they need.
Buying electronic cigarettes takes a little planning. They are not in every store. The ones that are in the stores are not as good. If you plan ahead, you can order what you need from online. You will have a better selection. You will also receive better quality products