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1300 mAh eGo Battery – The Battery to Give You Control

1300 mAh eGo variable voltage battery

The 1300 mah eGo battery is a variable voltage battery. The acronym mAh stands for Milliamp Hours. It is a unit of measurement for electric power. The acronym is usually used to indicate how much energy a battery can store. The larger the number before mAh, the longer the battery can be used before recharging.

The variable voltage battery allows you to vape as much or as little as you want. The 1300 mah eGo battery can be adjusted from 3.3v to 4.8v. To change the voltage, you twist the dial at the bottom of the battery. That’s the reason it is called the Ego Twist 1300mAh. It also extends the battery life between charges. It is a little longer than the average size battery. When added to a tank, it can be considerably longer than other electronic cigarettes. It comes in several colors including, blue, purple, rainbow, and stainless steel.

1300 mah eGo battery
The Twist 1300 mah eGo battery is the latest battery to hit the market. It can be adjusted from 3.3v to 4.8v. It is built tough and takes the stress of riding in a truck or a purse all day.

The 1300 mah eGo battery comes with the eGo connection and the 510 connection. This allows you to use any type of tank you want with this threading.

1300 mah eGo battery three safety guards:

The first one is called Short Circuit Protection. The battery will shut down when a short circuit happens.
It will also shut down if there is low voltage. When the battery gets below 3.3v, the battery will automatically shut down. This is called the Low Voltage Protection.
The Atomizer is the part of the device that turns the liquid nicotine into vapor. To protect the atomizer, the battery has an Atomizer Protection. It is also called the Safety Shutoff. If the button is pressed for 10 seconds, the battery will lock. It will not unlock until it is pushed again.
The 1300 mah eGo battery is not delicate. It is built to handle the normal bumping and bouncing that occurs when something is carried in a pocket or purse. Some have reported that it still works after being dropped. Certainly it is not recommended that you drop it on the ground, but doing so will not destroy the battery.

Prices vary greatly with this battery. The 1300 mah eGo battery can cost less than $20, but it can go as high as $35.00. It is considered one of the best buys for the money by its fans. It can be used for one to two days after being charged. It is charged with a USB charger. Like any device being charged for the first time, it will take several hours. After the first charge, it takes about three hours to fully charge the battery. After charging, click the battery five times within two seconds to activate it. Turn if off the same way.

The battery variable voltage 1300mah ego gives you more control over how much you are vaping. It is a good buy and lasts a long time. Normal charges take about three hours and will hold for one to two days. The Twist 1300 mah eGo battery can be charged with a USB. The two connection system allows it to be used with any tank you like. If you have not been happy with the battery for your e-cigarette, try the Ego Twist 1300mAh.

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