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The Beast Mechanical Mod E Cigarette

The Beast Mechanical Mod E Cigarette

As an avid E cigarette user, I find that I went from using it as an alternative from real cigarettes to it becoming more of a hobby of sorts. I have so many different types already, that I could probably open up my own little mall kiosk (granted they might look a little beat up).

From standard ego batteries too designer/artsy styled e cigarettes, to giant box mods with variable voltage and variable wattage features, I had it all… or so I thought.

There comes a point in time when after using the same models over and over again, you feel like you just need something fancy to spice up your E cigarette collection.

So the start of what would be considered as a tale of my epic journey in search of an e-cigarette piece that would complete my reservoir began.

Finding a e-cigarette Store

I traveled across the land in hopes of completing my quest. From e-cigarette store too e-cigarette store I wandered into. Each store was a disappointment.  With sales men offering me boring and mundane looking batteries, and models that were almost exact copies of what I already had. Sorry my good sir “Been there, done that!”

Then finally, when all hope was almost lost and I thought I would have to resort to desperate measures (ordering offline directly from China), I ran across a store in Hollywood, Florida. As soon as I stepped through the front door and past their welcome mat… I could see a wide variety of different e cigarettes showcased along the widths of their walls.

My retinas took their time and looked at all they had to offer from case to case, seeing if they had anything that inspired me.

The Beast Mechanical Mod E Cigarette

I ignored the employee that came out to greet me, as my eyes were focused on scanning the display from side to side…up and down… and then back up again… that’s when something caught my peripheral!! There, in the mod section, was a beautiful mechanical mod that was engraved with such pin point detail… it brought a tear to my eye.

The BeastAfter a couple of mortifying seconds of just staring at it, I finally noticed the employee awkwardly waiting for me to come out of my trance.

I asked what this perfect specimen was. She began to explain to me how it was their brand of a flip mechanical mod. She brought one out of the back to let me see a closer view. On the outside of the casing was an engraved family like crest with an eagle head in the center. Squiggly lines and other decorative shapes surrounded the rest of its body. (Is it possible to fall in love with an inanimate objects’ beauty?)

I played around with the device. Then realized that it had several tubing pieces that I could turn this way and that to customize its size. Realizing that I could use all the battery sizes in my arsenal (18650, 18350, and even my uniquely sized 18500s).

She sold it to me at a really great price considering the craftsmanship and its adaptability in size. So far it was a great find for what the store labeled “The Beast”.  As I sat in my car and tinkered with it. I got excited because it occurred to me that I finally found something that was compatible with my Vase clearomizer.

The Efest Battery

I popped my 18650 2500mAh eFest battery in, screwed on my ego to 510 adapter and topped The Beast off with my pink Vase, and Viola! A star was born!

It’s been 6 months since I found this Gem, and I have been as pleased as pudding. Its super sturdy stainless steel body has kept up with my high pace (aka clumsy) life style. And with the ability to interchange batteries I have a constant full battery life at my disposal.

Hence,  I have a new addition to my now perfect e-cigarette collection 😉

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