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The Best BBC Clearomizer – Bottom Coil Clearomizer Information

The Best BBC Clearomizer – Bottom Coil Clearomizer Information

There are two designs for the Clearomizer, the top coil or the bottom coil. The bottom coil uses BBC for its acronym. The top coil uses the letter T followed by a number. The coil is the part of the clearomizer that heats the e liquid to a vapor for the enjoyment of the customer. Before choosing one of the clearomizers check out the pros and cons of each.

The top coil is easy to fill and clean. It is very quick, starting as soon as the tank starts. The vapor seems to be drier after the beginning of the vaping session. It needs to be swirled and turned on to keep the wick saturated and it does not vape several flavors well.

The bottom coil is more consistent during the entire session of vaping. It handles most flavors well. The bottom coil is more difficult to fill and seems to flood if not carefully filled. The largest complaint among vapers is that the bottom coil is too difficult to fill. They end up spilling some of the juice and wasting precious e liquid. The top coil doesn’t provide the vapor experience that the bottom coil does. So which way to go?

One company has addressed that issue and created the iSmoka BBC Mega Clearomizer kit. They have made it easier to refill the tank and change the head when needed. To the fill the tank, turn it upside down, unscrew the bottom base and fill with e cig juice. To change the atomizer head, pull the old one from the bottom base and push in a new one. The iSmoka BBC clearomizer fits most batteries with a 510 thread. It is sold by Steam Spirit Vapor. The Mega kit includes 3 atomizer heads in sizes 1.8ohm, 2.2ohm, and 2.5ohm. Along with that it contains a 3.5ML Transparent plastic tube, one metal bottom base, and one black mouthpiece with rubber cover.

The same company, iSmoka has made a mini bbc clearomizer. It has a 1.6 capacity but comes with three coils with varying ohm. They are 2.2, 1.8, and 2.5 ohm. Like the Mega kit, the mini bbc clearomizer also works with most batteries with a 510 thread and doesn’t require an adaptor.

The new automizer-evod BBC Clearomizer – is a bottom coil clearomizer system. It is threaded for the eGo system and will not work with most 510 threads. One of the main differences is that the mouth piece is permanently attached. It is designed so that when the head needs to be changed, the metal part is retained and only the mini coil head is changed.

There is a new stainless Evod BBC Clearomizer from Shenzhen Simch Technology Co., Ltd. which has a capacity of 2.4 ml. and comes in a choice of black, red, blue, yellow, or green. The metal cone on the outside of the clearomizer is exquisite.

The bottom coil clearomizer seems to be preferred by vapers. There has always been an issue with refilling them. Manufacturers are working on them and making improvements all the time.

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