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Geek Vape Aegis 100Watt Temperature Control Box Mod

Geek Vape has presented the first mass produced box mod that is water, shock and dust resistant. The Geek Vape Aegis design allows for vapers to live their lives without the worry of damaging their merchandise.  This is a revolutionary leap in the right direction that will give consumers the …

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Vaporesso Target Mini Mod

Vaporesso Target Mini

The Mini Mod, The splendors of everything big packed into a smaller container! Let’s admit it. We all love the magnificent fluffy vapor of clouds that Mods can produce. The flavor is enriched, the higher VG e liquids have a smoother feel on the throat, and the outcome of a …

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I thought I had tried everything under the sun box mod

After wrestling with a cigarette addiction for most of my early adulthood I finally found myself at a crossroads. Keep smoking and die early or take hold of my life and finally kick the habit. I thought I had tried everything under the sun short of going to a priest …

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Soft Tip E Cigarette – What is the soft tip e cig?

Soft tip e cigarette, what is it? The soft tip e cigarette is as easy and to the point as it gets. In a world of twist tanks, eGo styles, variable volt mods and a lot more, the soft tip e-cigarette provides ready to use cool style e-cigs for affordable prices. …

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Disposable Electronic Cigarette – A great alternative to smoking

Disposable electronic cigarette A disposable electronic cigarette is a new product.  It allows smokers the most painless way possible to get rid of the harmful tobacco products.  Smoking an e-cig is much healthier than smoking regular cigarettes. The e-cig can be smoked in places where a ban exists on smoking products. …

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Buying Electronic Cigarettes

Buying Electronic Cigarettes The number of places to buy electronic cigarettes is almost too many to count. Some care needs to be taken when buying electronic cigarettes.  We all like a bargain. We want the best  at the lowest price possible. In today’s world one needs to be wary of …

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How to Choose the Best Disposable Electronic Cigarette

BEST DISPOSABLE ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE  It did not take much time for the disposable electronic cigarette to win the hearts of many people.   You too might be one amongst those people who got charmed by it. There are not many people who have a clear idea about how to choose the …

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Flavored Disposable Electronic Cigarettes

Flavored Disposable Electronic Cigarettes Flavored disposable electronic cigarettes are just what the name implies.  They are e-cigs which have to run on a battery.  They are disposable.  And they come in many different and amazing flavors.  They are better than normal cigs because they do not impose the danger of smoke for …

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