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CE4 Electronic Cigarette – Upgraded, Bigger, and Better

ego-ce4-blister-kitThe CE4 electronic cigarette is a great gift to the world of smokers by  creative thinkers and inventors. They have been around for quite some time now and have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. They are run by a battery or a USB and come in many flavors. They are  better than the standard cigarette because of their features and what they offer to your health. They have made it possible for smokers to quit without quitting which is more than I can say for a lot of the stuff on the market.

They do not have nicotine or tobacco which makes them useful, safe and posing no threat to your health. No nicotine means no cancer causing agents. Now your lungs and body can be healthy while you enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer. One of the most important features is that they are smokeless which means that you are free of pollution. Smoke also means that there is passive smoking or second hand smoking. The smoke irritates a lot of people and is harmful too; so if you have a wife or a child then your use of the CE4 Electronic cigarette would make them free of danger.

One thing about them that has no effect on your health but a lot on your appearance and the impression you make on people is that they do not have any smell. You can smoke wherever you want and you will be free of the stench that gets attached to your clothes and raises eyebrows and pinches noses.

The CE4 electronic cigarette has a liquid inside which heats up with the help of an atomizer when you vape (the alternate word for puffing). Some e-cigs have a cartomizer; the mixture of an atomizer and a cartridge. There are different types of these devices available with newer models coming in as an improvement to the first one. They are disposable e-cigarettes that you should use them once and get rid of them but some people want to reuse them.

Clearomizers are the things that hold the liquid which is heated. The CE4 electronic cigarette is an upgraded form of the first one. It has more space for the liquid than the older versions and there is also a scale with which you can find out how much liquid you used up by smoking. So it has space and tells you the amount of liquid usage. You should try not to refill it. You should be aware that once the liquid tastes acid like it is time to dispose of the CE4 electronic cigarette; the change in taste is not because something is wrong with it but because the wick has been used up and its time to buy a new CE4 clearomizer.

The ego ce4 starter kit has made the quality of life better for smokers especially chain smokers. It has everything you want; more space, more liquid, more use, no odor, no cancer causing substances and no smoke. Who would not want to have such a great deal!

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