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Clearing the Air about Clearomizers – What Exactly are They?

Clearing the air about Clearomizers – What exactly are they?  The clearomizers have given consumers information overload because of all the different articles written about them. To add to the confusion there are words like Aero tank, Protank, and Aerotank Kanger. What does it all mean? Maybe this article will clear up some of the confusion.

What is it?

Clearomizer is the generic term for the transparent version of a cartomizer. Think of them as the “tissue” of the e cig.  It is not a brand name. It is the name of the section used to hold e liquid for the e cig. There are two types of clearomizers, top coil and bottom coil. Things get mixed together when the brand names are thrown into the conversation. Remember they are the ‘tissue’ and the brand names are the “Kleenex.”

Brand names are where the differences are and choices are made. Let’s look at some of the brand names.

The Kanger Aerotank has bottom coil clearomizers and holds 2.5 ml of e liquid. The entire section screws together and every part can be replaced, making repairs a snap.

Aero Tank has dual coil clearomizers made by Kangertech and holds 2.5 ml of e liquid for e cigarettes.

The Aspire Nautilus has dual bottom coils that holds 5.0 ml. of e liquid. It has a special four port system that allows the vaper to decide how long and how strong the vapes should be.  Very easy to change parts.

The Kanger Protank 3 has a single bottom coil that holds 2.5 ml. of e liquid. Designed to minimize gurgling and leaking, and comes with a replaceable glass tank.

The Kanger EVOD has single bottom coil clearomizers that holds 1.8 ml of e liquid. It is one of the smallest types and may be better suited for people who use their clearomizers sparingly. It is designed to go with the eGo style battery. It is somewhat limited on what can be loaded into it.

The Aspire ET-S BDC has bottom coil clearomizers that holds 3.0 ml. It has a metal tank protecting the glass section. The peak window allows the vaper to see how much e liquid it left.

The Aspire CE5 has dual bottom clearomizers that holds 1.6 ml. Reviews on this one are still coming in.

The biggest improvement in e cigs is the replaceable parts being used. The replacement parts are less costly than purchasing a new e cig. Here are a couple of replacement parts.

Aero tank BBC Clearomizer is the glass replacement piece for the Kanger Pro Tank 2/Aero. It is not a clearomizer, but rather a part of that section.

Kanger Protank 3 / Aero tank dual heating Coils are replacement heating coils for the Kanger Protank 3.

E Cigs became popular so quickly that the public did not have time to keep up with the new vocabulary. That is where the confusion begins. Then the wording used was very close to other words in some form that most people could not keep up. If one looks closely, he can see the similarity within the words. If it concerns the clearomizer, the key words to look for are  “izer” or “tank” and will most likely be somewhere in the word.

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