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E Cigarette Discounts

What about E cigarette discounts on the web? E cigarettes are not cheap. Then again neither is smoking. A search showed that in the USA, a pack of cigarettes costs between $4.70 and $12.50. A heavy smoker could go through $25 of cigarettes a day. That is $87.50 a week or $350 a month. There are a few discount coupons for tobacco products, but not many. Now e cigarette starter kits can run as high as $150. That seems high to pay at one time for e cigarettes.

However, it is about the same as or less than a smoker would pay for a month’s supply. There may not be very many e cigarette discounts coupons for tobacco, but there is a mountain of e cigarette discounts available on the web.

Studies Show E Cigs May Be the way to Quit Smoking

At this time e cigarettes are still relatively new. They may not be in all the stores yet, but they are getting more popular. Studies show that people who use cigarettes are 24% more likely to stop smoking. As more is learned about tobacco, there is a greater push to stop. The e cigarettes are being hailed as one of the greatest tools to come along for smokers who want to quit. The number of e cigarette discounts available for electronic cigarettes is astounding.

E cigarette discounts allow more people to try the product. Most new products offer discounts to entice people to try it at a reduced price. The hope is that they will like the product so much they are willing to pay full price later.

Where to FInd the DIscounts

The first place e cigarette discounts are offered is from the website itself. Most of the sites show the regular price of the product and then the discounted price. There are websites dedicated to coupons for the e cigs and accessories. As with any coupon, check the expiration date. There were a few ‘never expire’ coupons available.
There are forums and ‘meetups’ that inform members of the e cigarette discounts available. Just like every new product, the introduction coupons will disappear. The other coupons will become fewer and fewer as time goes by. Now may be the best time for you to try e cigs at a discounted price.
A few tips on using the coupons:
• Make sure the site you order from will accept them.
• Check the expiration date.
• Determine if it is possible to use more than one discount coupon at a time.
• Check the restrictions about using the coupon.
• Make sure the coupon’s code is good.

The e cigs have been improved vastly. There are some great e cigarette discounts being offered. There is no reason not to try e cig products at this time. The e cigarette is intended for people who want to reduce or leave their smoking habit behind. They are not intended for people who do not already use tobacco products.
If you are a smoker and considering a healthier lifestyle, consider e cigarettes and products. Do your research before you buy. Then check out the great discounts available.
The price of E cigarettes is about half the cost of a one pack a day smoker. One doesn’t begin smoking e cigarettes to save money. The point is to save lives. How much is that worth?

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