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E-Cigarette Nicotine – an alternative to the standard cigarette

E-Cigarette Nicotine

As tobacco usage declines, a growing number of people are turning more and more to e-cigarettes. These e-cigs can make a much “healthier” option to smoking tobacco. Are e-cigs truly an option to standard cigs or just a passing trend? What is it like to smoke an e-cig? Is e-cigarette nicotine the same as standard tobacco in cigs?  Are we really safer than smoking standard cigs? Here is what you should know about them.

E-cigarette nicotine mimics smoking a real cigarette. It looks like a standard one and is used almost the same way, with less smoke and heat.  The practice itself is so real that some people think it is a safer option to help stop smoking.

 The marketing approach of e-cigarette nicotine came under a great deal of criticism. Many brands of e-cigs are offered in many flavors such as mint, orange and chocolate. This may mislead smokers and non-smokers.  It seems it is promoting smoking rather than stopping smoking. Some flavors of e-cigs have a flavor of spearmint or apple, which could attract young children.

Companies say that e-cigs are a better and a safer way of getting your nicotine fix. Unlike the gum or patches, e-cigs can provide enjoyment with the wide range of flavored e-liquid. Although their claims could be proven in time, the U.S. FDA is accusing them because of false claims.

Each e-cig contains a small battery that mixes propylene glycol mixed with the nicotine.  When it is inhaled, it even looks like smoke.  But, it is more like fog.  It is like a fog drenched with the amount of e-cigarette nicotine similar to that of the standard cigarette. The e-cig uses liquid e-cigarette nicotine that contains harmful products. Prolonged use of any cigarette can cause nicotine to stay in the mouth, which is bad for your health.

People often worry about whether e-cigs cause cancer. In such cigs, usually nicotine, flavorings and other harmful chemicals that may have carcinogenic effect on the body are being used. However, studies have failed to prove the health risks of using e-cig nicotine.

The FDA has done tests showing that e-cigs contain some harmful products that cause cancer, but at lower levels than standard cigs. Due to the content of cigarette nicotine, there is a risk for heart health. This risk can be reduced only by using an e-cig that has no standard cigarette nicotine.  E-cigs are becoming better for your health which will serve as a great product for the future.


While not a healthy habit, e-cigs still provide a much better option to the smoking of the standard cigarette nicotine. While the smoking of tobacco is banned in many western countries, that law does not apply to smoking e-cigs. Often thought of as the least painful way to quit smoking, e-cigs will fulfill their role while giving you the pleasure of standard cigarette nicotine.

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