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E Cigarette Stores Online

E Cigarette Stores Online

E Cigarette Stores Online are almost too many to count. A Google search showed 9, 420,000 hits. Like general stores, they come in all sizes and shapes.

E cigarette stores online are in two categories. The official sites that just sell the brand they produce. The full service stores sell a lot of different kinds of electronic cigarette supplies. Each has its pros and cons. They both sell electronic cigarette supplies. However, that’s where they stop being alike.

What Do They Carry?

The full size E Cigarette Stores Online carry a few models of each of the popular brands. However they did not come close to offering everything the official sites did. If a brand produces fifteen different items, the full size stores might carry five of them. This is understandable. They are buying from many manufacturers. They must have room on the site for all the supplies. If you are loyal to a particular model of electronic cigarette, you may or may not find it on the full size store website. Comparing the exact models was tricky. It seems the prices were usually lower at the official sites rather than the full size stores.

Some of the official E Cigarette Stores Online have taken the time to create a learning environment on their site. There is at least one section on the site with articles on health. Most are about smoking. A few are about general health. In other sections they give tips on using their product. Some of the sites have updated information on laws pertaining to the electronic cigarette.

There was one difference in the E Cigarette Stores Online sites. Most of the official brand pages asked if the user was over 18. There was an extra button to click before entering the site. The reader must answer the question whether he or she is over 18 years old. Most of the full size stores did not ask for age verification. It is true that no one has to verify their age on the official pages. However, at least they must take some action before entering the site.

Website Quality

The E Cigarette Stores Online website quality varied a lot. Some sites were excellent. Others were just crowded. This made it difficult to focus on anything. Some research suggests that some people will stay on a page longer if it is crowded. Other people like clean, organized websites. It is similar to people who like antiques. Some like things in nice neat rows. Others like digging through a pile of stuff, looking for the good items.

Whether you prefer the clean or crowded E Cigarette Stores Online websites, you will be able to find a site you like. There are plenty to choose from. Take your time searching. You can search by your favorite model. You could search by stores, but it would take longer. Find a site you like and register. This will make ordering in the future easier. Your shipping and payment information can be stored in the website. The next time you order, just click a couple of buttons. Your supplies should be on the way to you.

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