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E Cigarette USA – an online store for your e cigs and more

E Cigarette USA – an online store for your e cigs and more

E Cigarette USA is an online e cigarette store for e cig users. It is hard to classify the site because it is many things. Yes, you can order your electronic cigarette supplies there. There are countless online stores where you can buy electronic cigarettes and the e liquid for them. But if you think this is just another online store, you’re wrong… It is much more than that.

Politically Involved

When you open the site, you will be greeted by a banner with a group of young people pictured. They are happy and energetic. But they are asking for your help. Below the banner, you will see actual letters written by congressman trying to ban e cigs. There is also a letter from the Food and Drug Administration. Then they ask you to sign a petition to stop the government from banning electronic cigarettes.

On E Cigarette USA there is a button to click that will take you immediately to a new page. There you will be informed that this petition is closed. So why write about it here? Because then you will see a different link for someone else to start a new petition. They are encouraging the average American to get involved. They want you to start something you will be proud of.

E Cigarette USA has petitions for other causes on the same page. When a site posts a petition or a call to action, it becomes more than a store. It is a change agent. The fact that the site contains petitions that have nothing to do with smoking, shows the site is genuine in its feelings.


Across the top of the page, you will see the usual tabs that will redirect you to other parts of the site. There is a tab for shopping, after all it does want to sell e cigarettes. Another one will take you straight to the Eliquid usa page. The E liquid page shows over 90 flavors. Few are shown with the E Cigarette USA logo in the picture, instead the flavors are shown with what their individual natural state is. There are pictures of fruit for the fruit flavored ones. There is a cup of coffee for the one that tastes like coffee. Vanilla beans represent the vanilla flavored e liquid.


Under the Health and Safety tab, E Cigarette USA offers a list of warnings. That is followed by some advice from the manufacturers. The Info tab is a source of information in itself. It contains tips and hints about using your e cigarette. It also has several videos about the e cigarette. Some are instructional. Others are just for fun. There is a list of Frequently Asked Questions and a User’s Manual.

E Cigarette USA is not just another place to buy e cigarettes. It is a site to learn, be entertained, be encouraged, and be politically active. This is a website worth seeing. It’s worth becoming involved with to watch the e cigarette debates in congress. It’s a place to let your voice be heard. Tell Washington what you expect from them. Become active through this website. You’ll be glad you did.

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