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eGo Starter Kit – A Great Way to Start Your eCig Experience

Ego Starter Kit

ego-ce4-blister-kitThe eGo Starter Kit is a good way to ease into the electronic smoking experience.  The kits come in a wide range of prices, strengths and flavors.  They are also available in regular or premium kits.

The regular kits come in either black or stainless steel.  The eGo Starter kit has a 650mAh battery.  The number tells you how long the battery will last between charges.  In this case, if you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, this battery will last you a full day.  It can be charged from 200-300 times during the life of the battery.  Using it as a pack a day smoker would, the battery will last about 3-6 months before it stops taking charges.

The Premium Ego Starter Kit

Two 650mAh batteries. It also has two 510 atomizers. The kit includes a fast USB charger that will charge your battery up to 420mAh for those times when you can’t wait for the full charge.  A wall charger is included.  The kit has five empty refillable cartridges included. This kit should last a pack a day smoker a little longer than a year before having to replace specific parts of the kit.

The Premium eGo Starter kit costs close to $100, but if you watch on the internet, you can find some great prices.  Sometimes you can buy them at half the original price and receive free shipping.

The ego starter kit does not include the e-liquid, so it is important to order it at the same time you order your kit.

The Ego Starter Kit comes with a safety feature built in.

If you push the button five times, it will not light up.  This could be very important for homes with small, curious children running around.  You could turn off the e-cigarette and not have to worry about the children trying to vape.  Although e-cigarette vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes, we don’t recommend that children be allowed to vape. So if you have small children at home, please consider a model that can be turned off and on easily.

Again with small children, choose a unit that will be able to take a little jostling without being broken.  You never know when that child will grab the e-cigarette and give it a good shake just to see what will happen.  You might not want to choose a model that has a glass tank. Likewise, the plastic tank is fragile.  A pyrex tank might be a better choice for homes with interested children.

Whatever you decide, if you choose wisely, you are sure to enjoy the experience.


Ego Starter Kit is considered the best way and the most economical way to ease into the e-cigarette smoking experience. With a wide range of choices at e cigarette usa you should be able to find something you will enjoy.


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