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Ego Twist 1300mAh – a Variety of Options for the E-Smoker

Ego Twist 1300mAh

The Ego Twist 1300mAh e-cigarette has two different parts.  The 1300mAh in the name refers to the battery.  It is a measurement that tells you how long the battery will hold a charge.  The Ego Twist 1300mAh e-cigarette kit has a clearomizer part that holds the liquid nicotine.  The two do not have to be bought together. The e-cigarette comes in several forms and varieties.

The Kanger Protank has a glass tank which holds the liquid nicotine. It is recommended that you keep the tank full of liquid nicotine.  Never let it get below one-third full.

The Smoke Tech 1300mAh Ego C Twist Kit has a pyrex tank atomizer.  The atomizer is the part that turns the liquid nicotine into vapor.  The Ego C Twist Kit comes in lots of colors. Some kits come with several colors in one kit.  The kit also contains the atomizer. It has a clear tube.

The CE5 Blister can give you 700 puffs.  It charges in 2 hours and can be charged 300 times. The CE clearomizer also comes in CE2, CE3, and CE4.  Each holds a different puff capacity. The latest CE V8 blister pack has ten sets in each blister pack.

The 1300mAh Ego Twist Protank II Kit has the strongest atomizer on the market.  This E-cigarette will allow you to make large clouds of vapor.  If you liked blowing large clouds of smoke in the air, this kit is for you.

The ESCO Ego 1300mAh Xpower Electronic Cigarette Kit will give you 150-180 puffs from a single cartridge.  A fully charged battery can hold as much as 2500 puffs.  This kit contains two atomizers, two rechargeable 1300 mAh ego batteries, ten refill cartridges, one wall charger, one USB charger and one user’s manual.

The 1300mAh adjustable voltage e-Cigarette with Ego Twist 1300mAh Battery and CE 5 has a dual coil clearomizer instead of a cotton wick. A clearomizer is a clear cartomizer.  A cartomizer is a combination of cartridge and atomizer.  The clearomizer is made of thin clear plastic.  It must be handled carefully.

As with all the Ego Twist 1300mAh batteries, you can choose how many volts to use from the battery.  With the twist of the dial, you can choose from 3.3v to 4.8v.  This allows you to receive as much vapor as you need without over doing it.  The battery is turned on and off by clicking it 5 times.  There are three ways the battery is protected.  It will turn itself off if there is a short circuit or low voltage. You can turn it off to protect the atomizer.

ego twist 1300mahIf you are looking for an Ego Twist 1300mAh e-cigarette with lots of options and a good battery to enhance your experience, you might want to think about the eGo Twist 1300 mAh. There are lots of options with the E-cigarette. The battery is built to handle every one of them.  It is tough and gives you the option of choosing how many volts you receive while you are vaping.