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Electronic Cigarette Kits – The Complete Package

Electronic Cigarette Kits

So you have finished a Disposable Electronic Cigarette and have decided to continue vaping. It is time to buy an Electronic Cigarette kit. They are a little more expensive, but more economical in the long run. You have looked and noticed there are lots of kits. So what are you going to do?

The electronic cigarette kits offer different elements. If you are partial to a particular brand, you will choose one of their kits. But if you have not quite decided on a brand, you might want to look at the value. The electronic cigarette kits range from very basic to elite. All kits have their own good points and bad.

One company offers two batteries, two clearomizers, 10 ml of e-liquid, one USB charger, one wall adapter and five prefilled cartomizers. Another offers two batteries, a personal charging case, USB cable, two atomizers, and five prefilled cartridges. Another offers a box of cartridges, a USB cable, a micro-USB cable to charge with smart phones and other devices.

Couple’s Kits

Two manufacturers offer a couple’s Electronic Cigarette kit. They claim it is perfect for the couple that wants to quit together. It contains two standard batteries, two extra capacity batteries, two USB chargers and two wall chargers, two car adapters, twenty large atomizers. The price was reasonable. This would make a great Valentine’s Day give for your special lover. A wonderful night could be made by trying something new and making a promise to quit smoking.

A few of the electronic cigarette kits came with pass through USB cables. That’s a USB cable that the user can plug up for charging and vaping at the same time. It is similar to using your laptop while it is charging.

Electronic Cigarette Kits Cost

One surprising fact was that there were no choices with the kits. You do not get to pick your flavor or anything else. The kit is the kit and you can not change it. One could buy the kit and extra flavor cartridges if he or she wanted. But that defeats the purpose of buying the kit. The kit, by definition, is all in one complete and does not need anything else. The point of buying a kit is to know that you have everything you need.

Make the Move

Good quality electronic cigarette kits will cost around $150 each. A carton of cigarettes cost around $70. Yes the initial cost is more. But the starter kit comes with cartridges that are equal to four packs of regular cigarettes. That brings the price into perspective.

Should the initial cost of an e cigarette kit keep you from moving from tobacco to vapor? What is your health worth? How much longer can you risk your life using tobacco? Don’t you deserve more? Doesn’t your family deserve more?

Consider moving from tobacco to vapor soon. If you’re a parent, consider being a hero to your kids by quitting smoking. Let them know you did it for them. Let them know if you are struggling. They can help you pull through this. Everyone needs support sometimes. Ask your kids for support. You‘ll be glad you did.

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