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Electronic Cigarette – I thought I had tried everything under the sun

I thought I had tried everything under the sun

After wrestling with a cigarette addiction for most of my early adulthood I finally found myself at a crossroads. Keep smoking and die early or take hold of my life and finally kick the habit. I thought I had tried everything under the sun short of going to a priest and getting an exorcism to get rid of my cigarette demon…until I discovered an electronic cigarette.

electronic cigarette It all started with the disposable electronic cigarette you can find at gas stations. They gave a decent amount of vapor and tasted pretty good. They were able to keep me away from cigarettes for two entire days until it finally died. Did it make me turn my back on cigarettes forever? Nope. But it sure did give me hope!

I began doing some electronic cigarette research online to better educate myself. Note: If you use the internet remember that these are called ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES. Not Vaporizers. If you google Vaporizer you’ll be sent into Cheech and Chong Land. Which is a fun place too, but we’re trying to quit smoking here, people.

My First Electronic Cigarette Kit

I decided on an inexpensive Ce4 eGo kit. Everything I needed to get started came in the kit.  Once I got started I went bananas with it. That thing never left my hand.  I thought it meant it was working but in retrospect I realize now that this particular electronic cigarette was satisfying enough but wasn’t as efficient as it needed to be and I was vaping it constantly because I was craving real cigarettes. It was a nice start but after a few months of blowing through Ce4s like a tornado through a trailer park I knew it was time for an upgrade.

Armed with A LOT more knowledge I went to my local e cigarette shop to invest in a high quality kit that would help get rid of my cravings. I walked out with a dual coiled clearomizer with a variable voltage battery. Pleased with how well it worked, however, I still kept dreaming of my old friend Marlboro Ultra-Light 72. Little did I know however, I was about to discover the piece of equipment that would change the game for me.

Time to Upgrade

It was a routine trip to my local vape shop to pick up some coils for my Aerotank V2 when I spotted a square shaped battery. An ECU 23 Watt Box Mod to be precise. It was small and compact but had the same battery life of my huge variable voltage twist battery. I was able to charge and smoke it at the same time and it had both variable voltage AND variable wattage settings. Sold!

This box mod took away any complaints that I had about any of my previous electronic cigarettes. I wasn’t scrambling to charge my battery anymore because I could charge it and smoke it simultaneously and the increased wattage capabilities were absolutely stellar. Paired with my dual coiled Aerotank V2 it vaped like a dream.

The ECU 23 wasn’t my last box mod though. I worked my way up to the ECU 60 Watt for the extra battery life and to the Coolfire IV after that. Box mods were a godsend because I could keep the wattage low and use my dual coil clearomizers or I could get crazy with it and screw a Subtank on there and chase clouds to my heart’s content. Box mods were truly a godsend for me. The second I discovered them I was officially an ex-smoker!