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Geek Vape Aegis 100Watt Temperature Control Box Mod

Geek Vape Aegis

Geek Vape has presented the first mass produced box mod that is water, shock and dust resistant. The Geek Vape Aegis design allows for vapers to live their lives without the worry of damaging their merchandise.  This is a revolutionary leap in the right direction that will give consumers the most bang for their buck by vastly extending the longevity of their box mods.


Geek Vape’s future is here and our prayers have been answered.

Spanning through all the different phases and trends of the vaping community there have been several different issues, malfunctions, and model defects that have molded the products we have today. Requests for bigger, better tasting, more vapor production, sufficient battery life, etc. have brought us the world of mod vaping. Our batteries are armed with pass-through charging ports to help us stayed charged up wherever we have access to electricity and our tanks are padded with rubber rings to prevent a shattered glass. However, a certain standard has continued to elude us.  A durable box mod that is resistant to the daily wear, tear, drops, and shocks of daily life.




The Geek Vape Aegis has output wattage of 1 Watt to 100 Watts.  Providing more than enough power for any vaper to enjoy high volumes of satisfying vapor. It also has a temperature control feature that will allow you to enjoy a range of 100-315C and 200-600F. The temperature control also allows you to utilize Nickel (Ni200), Stainless Steel (SS316), and Titanium (Ti) coils. Geek Vape Aegis requires either a 18650 or a 26650 battery to function. Included in its packaging is an adaptor to switch between the two.



The GeekVape Aegis has proved itself to be he stand out star of 2017 with its military grade shock, water, and dust resistant design. This has opened up a whole new avenue for the vaping community.  Surely other companies will try to follow suit. None will come close to the innovative, refined design and function of the Geek Vape Aegis Box Mod!

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