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Disposable Soft Tip E Cigarette – What is the soft tip disposable electronic cigarette?

Disposable Soft Tip E Cigarette – What is the soft tip disposable electronic cigarette?

soft tip e cigarette

The Disposable Soft Tip E Cigarette is as easy as it gets. In a world of twist tanks, eGo styles, variable volt mods and a lot more, the soft tip e-cigarette provides ready to use cool style e-cigs for affordable prices.

Why should I get them?

For many people the soft tip e cig is an investment, and can sometimes be a costly one at that. One thing that we should really admire about the soft tip e cigarette is that it makes super good tasting vapor, these very easy to use kits,  are affordable on almost any budget. It is hard to imagine an easier e-cig to begin with.  Most kits come with many cool features.

General characteristics:

The newest soft tip e cig is a comfortable and soft tip disposable e cig. These soft tips are designed to feel and act much like a much-desired regular cigarette. If you have not been living on planet Mars, it is certain that you have heard of the very popular soft tip e-cig. To be quite blunt, soft tip e-cigs blow most cigs out of the water on every level. If you have ever tried the soft tip e-cigs or are thinking about picking up a disposable one, read on for information that is more relevant.

How much does it actually cost?

Granted, the pricing on soft tip e-cigs is much better when compared to standard cigarettes. The pure feel and weight of these soft tip e-cigs is very close to an actual cigarette and a lot easier to vape whilst working with your hands because you can easily manage the soft tip e cigarette in your mouth. As you take a hit the LED light sparkles blue indicating that you are about to taste some good vapor. One of the best things about these soft tip e-cigs is the vapor production itself. It easily rivals a much bigger e-cig.

Negative sides:

However, with every plus, there is usually a minus, and these soft-tips do have a negative. The first one is that the soft tip e cigarette is equal to about 30 standard cigs. This however is not true on any level. Most soft tip e-cigs were tested only to be found that the average life span is about 2-3 hours long. This translates to about 30 hits, which is a far cry from those 30 cigarettes. However, soft tip e-cigs still have the edge compared to standard issued cigarettes.

Positive sides:

The soft tip e cigarette will provide an amazing experience with far more benefits than drawbacks when compared to usual cigarettes. Health issues that are related to smoking normal cigarettes to name a few. While soft tip disposable electronic cigarettes perhaps do not have a great life expectancy, they are  disposables and they are much longer lasting than the average tobacco cigarette.


While it might not be interesting for those already hooked to standard items, soft tip e-cigs certainly, offer some unique ride through the lane of pleasure and pure essence of premiere experience.

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