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Two Best E Cigarettes

What are the Two Best E Cigarettes? To answer the question ‘What are the two best e cigarettes?’  We did a lot of research. The information was different on the websites for second place. Without fail, the number one slot went to V-5. The one that received second place on most of the sites was E Cigarette usa.  For this reason we have chosen to feature V-5 and e cig usa as the two best E cigarettes. V-5 Cigs The V-5 Cigs were reported to have had the best flavor. It also comes in three different size kits for those who aren’t sure what they want. The Beginners Kit comes with one battery and two flavor cartridges. The kit has two chargers—one disposable, one can be recharged. It sells for about $35. The Standard Kit comes with two batteries and ten flavor packets.

It includes a wall charger, a ‘smart’ charger. It sells for about $60. The V-5 Ultimate Kit contains three batteries and 25 flavor cartridges. With this kit you get adapters, chargers, carry case, and a V-5 Power-Cig. The V-5 Ultimate Kit sells for about $150. The official website V-5 Cigs lists the flavors of liquid nicotine, It makes recommendations to the customer based on his or her previous smoking experience. The flavors range from the fruity to the middle east tobacco flavor. Some of the flavors are sweet. The tobacco flavors are made especially for the heavy smoker who is trying to move to electronic cigarettes. The company manufacturing V-5 Cigs has gone an extra step above others.

They have set up batch tests for each component of their cigarette. This ensures the quality and consistency of each piece. The testing allows the company to keep a close eye on the product. Constant testing of a product always produces higher quality. The website does a good job of working with the customers. It is possible to connect with V-5 on Face, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, on their forum, and through their blog. The blog contains tons of information. Each teaches something about the e cig. Other blogs are just for fun. E Cigarette Usa was rated very high among its users. It was rated one of the two best E cigarettes.  It scored 4 out of 5 on packaging or presentation. The battery and vapor ranked 4 out of 5. Overall quality, which is like best in show, received 4 out of 5. Some users reported that the ego battery 1300 mah lasted longer than any other brand.

E Cigarette USA offers its e liquid in five strengths and three sizes. The choice of five strengths is based on how heavy the customer smoked before moving to electronic cigarettes. E Cigarette usa offers more tobacco flavors than V-5 Cigs. This gives heavy smokers more choices. Some smokers crave the tobacco taste. The five strengths allow a sort of step down program. They also offer the sweet e liquids. There are several cool menthol flavors available. The E Cigarette usa kits come in a variety of colors. The colors add to the pleasure. Starter kits begin at around $45 and go up depending on the choices made when ordering.

There are many choices to custom order your e cig. With these options, you can have exactly what you want.  For these reasons E Cigarette USA was voted one of the two best E cigarettes. The V-5 Cigs and E Cigarette USA Electronic Cigarette were ranked # 1 and # 2 by their fans. Both are fine e cigarettes. One of the two best E cigarettes should meet your needs. Whether you want to reduce or quit smoking, one these will help you reach your goal.

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