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Vaporesso Target Mini Mod

The Mini Mod, The splendors of everything big packed into a smaller container! Let’s admit it. We all love the magnificent fluffy vapor of clouds that Mods can produce. The flavor is enriched, the higher VG e liquids have a smoother feel on the throat, and the outcome of a simple inhale is worth its weight in gold.

Mini Mods Vaporesso Target Mini
Vaporesso Target Mini Mini Mods provide users with enough power to give them deep voluminous clouds of vapor.


Vaporesso’s Target Mini Mod Specifications and Contents:

When we think of the term “Mod”, adjectives start forming through our head; Big, Bulky, Heavy, Tall, and for the really creative, Gargantuan.

But you don’t need that extra weight to get some extra vape!  Mini Mods provide users with enough power to give them deep voluminous clouds of vapor.  The most popular model is Vaporesso’s Target Mini Mod.  Its adorable size and design have earned the favor of even the pickiest of mod connoisseurs.

Therefore, enclosed in its small stature is a 1400mAh battery life capacity that powers its 40 watt output capabilities. It also sports Temperature control Mode in its system programming keeping up to par with its larger predecessors. The Target Mini does have a pass through function giving users the option to charge and vape at the same time.

Perched on top of the small but mighty Target Mini Mod is the Guardian Tank. The Guardian Tank is a top filling child proof tank that requires a few extra twists and turns for access to its liquid chamber. This extra step keeps your tank leak proof and safe from disastrous spills and messes. Vaporesso also added a unique and refreshing way to change the coil! The coil simply slides into place rather than having to screw and tighten your coil on a constant basis unlike other models.

Mini Mod Vaporesso Target Mini

Vaporesso really hit the ball out of the park with the Target Mini Mod. It provides what we want and more out of a mod in an exceptionally portable fashion. Giant mods scoot over! The Target Mini is here to stay!

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